It's been a while


How ya been?

I was just thinking of you the other day. I thought maybe it's time I talked to you again.

It's strange to think of you being present here, as if I might catch a glimpse of you if I turn my head fast enough. It gives me the sense that you're playing with me, the way a father plays with a small child - outsmarting him, teasing him, nimbly avoiding his uncoordinated efforts to find or grasp. I wonder why kids like that. I suppose the difference is that they know it's just a game. It ends so quickly, and then they touch again. Maybe we'll touch some day.

Be with the ones I love - you know their names. Give them strength in hard times. Give them direction and hope. Teach them to love, and teach me to love them. Let me be a blessing to them, if I can.

Keep me honest. Keep me humble. Keep me gentle. Help me see the garbage in my heart, and help me deal with it.

Don't ever let me forget you, even when I don't believe in you. Let me remember where I've come from, wherever I end up.

Are you listening? I believe you are, somehow. But I don't really know you, so I may be mistaken. If you've been tuning me out, listen to me now. I have something I need to say to you:

Don't you ever let me go.


bcakes said...

i like that joel. i think this is how we're supposed to pray

crippled said...

that was good...i read it twice

david said...

i love your heart and the way you are. for me you are a good example of what really searching out my faith should look like. i appreciate you.

Jacob said...

Thanks guys.

Bean said...

I'm feeling that.